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7.3 Exiting from Scripts

By default a Poke script will communicate a successful status to the environment, upon exiting:

$ cat hello
#!/usr/bin/poke -L

print "hello\n";
$ ./hello && echo $?

In order to exit with some other status code, most typically to signal an erroneous situation, the Pokeish way is to raise an E_exit exception with the desired exit status code:

raise Exception { code = EC_exit, exit_status = 1 };

This can be a bit cumbersome to write, so poke provides a more conventional syntax in the form of an exit function:

fun exit = (int<32> exit_code = 0) void:
  raise Exception { code = EC_exit, exit_status = exit_code };

Using exit, the above raise statement becomes the much simpler:

exit (1);