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GNU poke


Release notes for poke 3.3

__) ---._______) I am happy to announce a new release of GNU poke, version 3.3. This is a bugfix release in the 3.x series. See the file NEWS in the distribution tarball for a list of issues fixed in this release. The tarball poke-3.3.tar.gz is now available at https://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/poke/poke-3.3.tar.gz. GNU poke (http://www.jemarch.net/poke) is an interactive, extensible editor for binary data. Not limited to editing basic entities such as bits and bytes, it provides a full-fledged procedural, interactive programming language designed to describe data structures and to operate on them. Thanks to the people who contributed with code and/or documentation to this release. Happy poking! -- Jose E. Marchesi Frankfurt am Main 20 August 2023